Should you wish to visit Kazakhstan and attend a meeting of one of our Lodges, please take into consideration some of our customs.
You should first contact the secretary of your Lodge to find out what the requirements are, from your own Grand Lodge.
Visitors to Lodges of the Regular Grand Lodge are expected to present an official document from your Grand Lodge that indicates that you are currently a member in Good Standing. You may obtain such a letter through your Lodge Secretary (who will obtain it from the Grand Secretary of your jurisdiction). Dues cards are mostly unknown here.
Members of GLoK (Grand Lodge of Kazakhstan) wear dark suits, white shirts and dark ties, at the minimum. On special occasions, they might be wearing black tie (tuxido).
Members own their own aprons,thay they receive during their ceremonies. If you do not own your own apron, Lodges usually have a few spares or visitor aprons.
We wear white gloves for all the degrees in a Blue Lodge. If you don’t have any, this is not going to be an issue – and someone may have a spare to lend should you wish to wear them.
Lodges hold a festive board after the meeting. These are optional, but very much encouraged. It is quite customary to reserve meals through the secretary of the Lodge. There are often meal choices – just tell them in advance if you have dietary restrictions.

Should you need more information aboutwhich Lodge you could visit, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Grand Master of GL
of Kazakhstan
MWB Aidar Alpysbay with
Grand Chancellor of GL
of Kazakahstan
RWB Sergey Kravchenko

Grand Master MWB Aidar Alpysbay
(elected and installed on July 31, 2021)
Email: [email protected]

Grand Chancelor RWB Sergey Kravchenko
(nominated on October 1, 2022)
Email: [email protected]
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