Famous Freemasons
  1. Head of the national liberation movement Emir Abelkader,
  2. author of the first Masonic constitution James Anderson,
  3. famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong,
  4. the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk),
  5. the sculptor, known to everyone for the statue of Liberty, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi,
  6. President of Czechoslovakia Eduard Benes,
  7. French marshal and Swedish king, founder of the whole Masonic dynasty Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte,
  8. French Marshal Ferdinand Berthier,
  9. composer Ludwig van Beethoven,
  10. French politician Louis Blanc,
  11. the famous revolutionary Louis AugusteBlanqui,
  12. writer VicentBlasco Ibanez,
  13. the winner of the Battle of Waterloo Gerhardt Blucher,
  14. Viceroy of Italy Eugene de Beauharnais,
  15. The "liberator" of Latin America, Simon Bolivar,
  16. King Jerome Bonaparte of Westphalia,
  17. Spanish King Joseph Bonaparte,
  18. Nobel laureate Jules Borde,
  19. the famous zoologist Alfred Brem,
  20. Scottish poet Robert Burns,
  21. composer Richard Wagner,
  22. Minister and prominent figure of the Second International Emil Vandervelde,
  23. US Presidents: George Washington, Warren Harding, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford,
  24. one of the winners at Waterloo is the Duke of Wellington,
  25. indian politician SwamiVivekananda,
  26. French Marshal Victor,
  27. the poet Christoph Martin Wieland,
  28. Dutch King William I of Orange,
  29. the first German Emperor William I, English kings William IV, George I, George IV, George V, George VI, Edward VII, Duke of Windsor (abdicated King Edward VIII),
  30. outstanding specialist in symbolism Oswald Wirth,
  31. the philosopher and writer Voltaire,
  32. composer Joseph Haydn,
  33. politician Leon Gambetta,
  34. founder of homeopathy Samuel Gannemann,
  35. the famous Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi,
  36. actor David Garrick,
  37. Rotary Club founder Paul Harris,
  38. esotericist Rene Guenon,
  39. German philosopher Georg Friedrich Hegel,
  40. the poet Heinrich Heine,
  41. the famous rationalist Helvetius,
  42. writer Johann Georg Herder,
  43. J. Gershwin,
  44. writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe,
  45. doctor, deputy, unfairly considered the inventor of the instrument of "gentle death" Joseph-Ignace Guillotin,
  46. one of the leaders of the American Federation of Labor Samuel Gompers,
  47. one of the fathers of cinema is David Griffith,
  48. sculptor Gudon,
  49. the reformer of Freemasonry Karl Gund,
  50. President of the II International Camille Huysmans,
  51. French Marshal Davout,
  52. artist Augusto Giacometti,
  53. American Presidents Andrew Jackson, Lyndon Johnson and Andrew Johnson,
  54. writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
  55. French Presidents Paul Doumer and Gaston Doumerg,
  56. Austrian Emperor Joseph II,
  57. famous Italian politician Cavour,
  58. famous for his memoirs Casanova,
  59. adventurer and founder of "Egyptian Freemasonry" Cagliostro,
  60. Swedish King Charles III Vase,
  61. Scottish writer and philosopher Thomas Carlyle,
  62. writer Rudyard Kipling,
  63. the German poet Klopstock,
  64. gunsmith and inventor Samuel Colt,
  65. writer Benjamin Constant,
  66. the builder of the Rockefeller Center in New York, Harvey Corbett,
  67. Polish "dictator" Tadeusz Kosciuszko,
  68. Hungarian politician Lajos Kossuth,
  69. French academician Lalande,
  70. writer Alphonse Lamartine,
  71. physicist and peer of France Laplace,
  72. famous American general and French politician Lafayette,
  73. K. Marx 's son - in - law Paul Lafargue,
  74. voice actor and comedian Melvin Jerome "Mel" Blank,
  75. The famous theosophist Leadbeater,
  76. writer Giacomo Leopardi,
  77. writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing,
  78. author of the American Declaration of Independence Robert Livingston,
  79. composer Franz Liszt,
  80. philosopher Emile Littre,
  81. the inventor of anesthesia, Crawford Long,
  82. French Ambassador to Russia Lauriston,
  83. a supporter of the revolution, Louis Philippe of Orleans,
  84. Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini,
  85. American President William McKinley,
  86. poet Stefan Mallarmé,
  87. "Friend of the people" Jean-Paul Marat,
  88. Cuban politician Jose Marti,
  89. the mystic Martinez de Pasqually,
  90. Known here for his "plan" for post-war reconstruction, General George Marshall,
  91. founder of the Republican Party in the USA James Madison,
  92. philosopher Mayer Mendelssohn,
  93. propagandist of magnetism Franz Anton Mesmer,
  94. famous publicist Joseph de Maistre,
  95. Latin American revolutionary Francesco Miranda,
  96. Nobel Prize winner Albert Michelson,
  97. One of the inventor-brothers is Jacques Etienne Montgolfier,
  98. philosopher Charles Montesquieu,
  99. General Antonio Morales,
  100. composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
  101. artist Alphonse Mucha,
  102. French Marshal Joachim Murat,
  103. "Prince of Moscow" and French Marshal Michel Ney,
  104. Admiral Horatio Nelson,
  105. writer Gerard de Nerval,
  106. German pacifist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Karl von Osecki,
  107. The commander of the American Army, General John Joseph Pershing,
  108. Polish King Stanislaw August Poniatowski,
  109. English poet Alexander Pope,
  110. The first President of the Republic of South Africa M.V. Pretorius,
  111. author of "ManonLescaut" Abbot Prevost,
  112. anarchist theorist P.-Zh. Proudhon,
  113. artist Prudon, famous inventor George Pullman,
  114. anarchists Paul and Alice Reclu,
  115. architect Sir Christopher Wren,
  116. Spanish revolutionary Rafael Riego,
  117. banker Ferdinand Rothschild,
  118. the author of the "Marseillaise" Rouget de Lisle,
  119. American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
  120. American legislator John Sullivan,
  121. famous carbonarium Aurelio Salicetti,
  122. The "father" of American television David Sarnoff,
  123. writers Jonathan Swift, Daniel Defoe,
  124. French writer and diplomat Segur,
  125. the famous adventurer Count Saint-Germain,
  126. philosopher and writer Louis-Claude de Saint Martin,
  127. socialist philosopher Count Henri de Saint-Simon,
  128. Finnish musician Jan Sibelius,
  129. designer and factory owner Andre Citroen,
  130. novelist Sir Walter Scott,
  131. the founder of the museum is Sir John Soane
  132. writer Mark Twain,
  133. writer Oscar Wilde,
  134. politician Jules Favre,
  135. Nobel laureate, Doctor, "father of vaccination" Alexander Flemming,
  136. American politician Benjamin Franklin,
  137. King Frederick II the Great of Prussia,
  138. Iranian diplomat executed for his membership in Freemasonry, Abbas Amir Hoveyda,
  139. artist William Hogarth,
  140. President Benito Juarez,
  141. reformer of Freemasonry and physician Johann Zinnendorf
  142. English Prime Minister Winston Churchill,
  143. Irish playwright Richard Sheridan,
  144. writer Friedrich Schlegel,
  145. playwright Friedrich Ulrich Ludwig Schroeder,
  146. German politician Baron Heinrich Stein,
  147. musician Franz Schubert,
  148. engineer Gustav Eiffel,
  149. English polymath and alchemist, one of the first Freemasons Elias Ashmole.
Below is a brief list of famous foreign Freemasons. The real number of famous Brothers who somehow influenced the development of society cannot be listed in one list. Although these data are very open.
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